Limp Dicks & Saggy Tits - Romantic Comedy

What to do when your husband runs off and leaves you single—when being single is not your thing?


Lizzie has decided that single life does not suit her.

From castles in Scotland to barns in Kent, via apartments in London, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery as a single woman with all the humorous pitfalls along the way.

Naked artists, extreme earth lovers, taxidermy, and blow up dolls, are just some of the encounters Lizzie has to endure in her effort to get her life back on track.

With the dashing Scot, Ronan, by her side, will she ever be able to do that?

Or will his mountain of baggage just pile alongside hers creating an impenetrable wall between them?


Cold Nips & Frosty Bits - Romantic Comedy


Living between Scotland and Kent with the dashing Scot, Ronan, and a collie called Max, Lizzie can finally settle into a relationship with someone who gets her…most days.

Drama llamas and fainting goats aren’t all that Lizzie falls in love with, though. There’s the caravan she has named Christine.

With the menopause creeping up on her and Ronan hinting at marriage – neither of which Lizzie was rushing towards – decisions have to be made.

Follow Lizzie and Ronan on yet more humorous journeys of middle-aged relationships and the menopause!


Posh Frocks & Peacocks - Romantic Comedy


What better to accompany Colleen the Llama, Gerald the goat, and Piggy the pig with rickets than two rescue peacocks?

In true Lizzie and Ronan style, however, these aren’t just any old peacocks.

Life for Lizzie and Ronan has been hectic. With a thriving holiday destination set up in the castle grounds, the naked artists still…naked, and the use of the castle as a film location, it’s time to plan the next development in their relationship.

However, a promise to an elderly neighbour means the introduction of two new pets to the menagerie of misfits that free roam the estate causing all sorts of trouble.

With a wedding in the planning, the prospect of swingers meeting naturists for the first time, Lizzie and Ronan have their work cut out for them!

But will it all go to plan?


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