The Facilitator - available in Kindle Unlimited

I'd like you to meet the super sexy Mackenzie Miller and the wonderful, feisty Lauren Perry. This novel is erotic romance and does have scenes of F/F, M/M/F, and light BDSM. It's a fun, sexy read, about a couple I've fallen in love with...


The Facilitator

It started as a game.

Two adults, both lonely; one an expert, the other learning on the quick.

He thought he was giving her what she desired. She hated herself for loving it.

Lauren Perry thought her life was fine. She knew what she wanted and where she was going. That was until her husband left her.

Mackenzie Miller thought his life was fine. He knew what he wanted and he took, always. That was until he broke his own rules.


What would you do if someone gave you the opportunity to experience all your fantasies?

Lauren Perry decided to find that out.


Contemporary romance for readers over the age of 18



The Facilitator, part 2


The game was over – but who had won?


Mackenzie Miller thought his life was perfect. He had the woman of his dreams but there was one last piece of his life puzzle to fit. Could he do it in time?

Lauren Perry thought her life was perfect. She had the man of her dreams but when humiliation comes full circle is she brave enough to face it head on?


More importantly, what happens when your list of fantasies has been achieved?

A new list has to be explored, of course.

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'I'm going to be brutally honest and say that I love this book, its as if the author has stepped ..