What do you do when your husband dies unexpectedly?

You write him a letter, of course.

What do you do when someone answers that letter?

Dani was mid-thirties when she found herself alone and without her soulmate.

Coming to terms with her loss took all her strength and her voice.

If Dani thought she’d experienced the worst life could throw at her, she was wrong.

Lies, deceit, confusion surround her.

A stranger, a builder, and a priest, comfort her.

Letters to Lincoln is a contemporary romance about overcoming loss, finding the strength to rebuild a life, and learning to forgive.

For readers over the age of 18.


The Romance Review


Ashia - The Romane Reviews (snippet - full review can be found here... https://www.theromancereviews.com/viewbooks.php?bookid=26373)

LETTERS TO LINCOLN is heartwarming, which you might find a weird sentiment considering tragedy is the core of the story. But for me, it's the message of hope shining through that was my key takeaway at the end. The story tugged at my heartstrings from the get-go. The story is tragic and heartbreaking, yet we see the resiliency of the human spirit as Dani tries to cope with the tragedy that had befallen her. And move on with her life. However, she couldn't have coped without her support system, like her dad and Lincoln and the others. Lincoln also enabled her to go onward, due to their shared experiences, someone who could understand what she was going through because he'd gone through them himself, and it is this empathy that I think made her feel not so alone.