Coming Soon

It's a secret - Shhhhh


I can't tell you what's coming soon (March/April 2018) just at this moment, but I hope you'll be as excited as me when you find out. I can tell you this, though.


In March I will be signing at The Titanic Author Signing in Belfast. I'm also taking part in an anthology and the theme is Titanic (obviously!). I've had a lot of fun writing a very short piece (15k was the word cap, I managed 17k) of Dorothy's Journey. The story is about a young woman's journey to the US aboard the fated Titanic but all is not what it seems with Dorothy - is she a lady of the realm, so something very different? 


I do plan to write a follow on to Dorothy's Journey, her great granddaughter's discover of who Dorothy really was and the implications of that. I'll keep you informed when that's likely to happen (too many stories, too little time!).


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